Camp is an ongoing overflow of excitement, wonder, and joy!

While we love offering amazing camp activities, if you ask anyone what makes Camp Impact so special they'll tell you one thing: THE STAFF!

Our staff are the heroes of camp! Throughout the day they intentionally engage every camper in thrilling experiences, a variety of games, endless chants, and meaningful moments. They're carefully selected and thoroughly trained to make every minute awesome.

Our Story

Camp Impact was established in the summer of 2013 as a summer camp for kids that was safe, fun, and full of love. We wanted to provide a place where parents feels safe leaving their kids and campers would experience the joy of playing and learning. From the beginning we wanted to present a camp that was passionate about building relationships with families and having opportunities to minister to them, while experiencing together the love of Christ through the wonderful tools of fun and sports. Since our camp has been on campus of Impact Church from the beginning we have been able to build bridges that helps us connect with our community.

Camp Impact works hard to keep that our foundation and continue to learn ways to better love and connect with community here in Wilmington, NC. Our vision is accomplished when real relationships are built and the love of Christ is experienced between God's family and those outside of his family through the our camp environments. We are excited about what we have see Jesus do in our lives and want to invite all to "Come and See". Our programs are open to all regardless of religious beliefs, gender, or ethnic background.
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Fun Fact

Camp Impact originally began in 2013 under the name Camp Halo and was a part of the Halo Sports ministry!