Camp Impact


We Are Family!

When you are part of the summer staff team at Camp Impact, it’s more than just a job, it’s a family business. Everyday you have the opportunity to labor with your brothers and sisters and also celebrate together how the Lord is showing up in amazing ways!

Morning Meetings

Morning meetings are spent encouraging one another and diving deeper into your development.  Some mornings we will have guest speakers and other mornings we will have a a devotion or prayer time together. Every Friday is "Celebration Friday" where we all come with a story to celebrate from the week!

Daily Impact

When the campers arrive for the day, it’s game time. Each environment at Camp Impact has been programmed to be fun and to have the gospel woven into every moment. During the week you will have the opportunity to impact children, parents, and peers every day.

Community Matters

Once the campers leave for the day, it’s family time. Tuesday evenings are spent in community with your fellow staff.  After you eat dinner together, you will come together for the last hour to spend time in the Word, pray together, and grow deeper in relationship with one another. You will develop relationships that last way beyond camp. This is the fuel that makes camp so great!